Crafts on the River

History of the King Street Pedestrian Bridge

The Thousand Islands Railway was opened in 1884 and, a swing bridge over the Gananoque River was constructed in 1894 to provide buisnesses on the east side of the river, also with service. Now the unique locomotive #500 is preserved at Sculpture Park and the bridge is a beautiful 125 year old historical landmark that's just waiting to attract visitors from all over.


The Craft Market

Gananoque Arts and Craft Market is scheduled to happen this Summer season! Every Saturday until September 21st from 10-5 pm. The event designed to support local Artisans and provide a unique shopping opportunity to all visitors of Gananoque.

The Market will be located downtown across from Town Park and walking distance from Gananoque Boat Line on the beautiful 125 year Old King Street Pedestrian Bridge. Admission is free, and there is free parking. New vendors and entertainers are welcome.